Sponsor a Student Donation Form

JazzArts Charlotte’s Sponsor a Student program helps to bring FREE music education through the JazzArts Academy’s Youth Ensemble + Workshops to young musicians in the Charlotte, NC Area. As a sponsor, YOU are providing an individual scholarship to an emerging student musician. Sponsors will not only provide quality music education through scholarships opportunities for local students, but to also open the doors to endless possibilities for students through exposure to the arts.


Additional Information

Sponsorships are allocated to JazzArts Academy students with the greatest financial need. The JazzArts Academy seeks student musicians who are highly motivated and eager to take advantage of a free music scholarship opportunity through the JazzArts Academy. Student scholarship recipients must meet the eligibility requirements of no lower than a 2.5 GPA, good JazzArts Academy and school attendance. Students who possess all of these qualities will get the most out of the program and will allow your generous sponsorship to have the greatest impact.